Alamanda plant care and its propagation

Easy growing flowering climbers for your gardens.

Climbers are the best choice when ever you feel you need privacy, barricade or might be a green wall. They are cheap, easy to maintain and fast growing, out of my experience I would like to explain few climbers that are the best suitable for almost any kind of environment.


Passiflora creeper of climber best house plant that is easy to grow

Passiflora more commonly known as the passion flower is a very fast growing flowering climber, This plant can be grown in any climatic condition. This plant can climb up-to 10 feet tall, this plant can grow in partial sun to full sun light. protect the plant from excessive heat.


Jacomentia creeper care and propagation

Jacquemontia is a very low maintenance super fast growing vine that has flowers that bloom in blue, the flowering season is all through the year and can to a height of 13-15 feet. This plant does well in full sun and can tolerate any type of climate. If you see any potential danger from grazing animals this this plant suits you the best as animals do not eat this plant.


Alamanda plant care and its propagation

Alamanda has a shiny light green leaves with a striking yellow flower, the contrast is so dominating that it makes the plant stand unique. Not only is the Alamanda unique but is also very easy to grow, if you have crazy ideas for decorating your garden then you can blindly go for this plant.

Quisqualis Indica:

Rangoon creeper or the Chinese honeysuckle plant

Quisqualis Indica also more commonly known as Rangoon creeper or Chinese honeysuckle is a beautiful vine with flower cluster that has red, white and pink shades. This ornamental vine runs wild and can grow with ease in any climatic condition, this plant can grow 12-13 feet tall. Though the plant has flowers all through the year but the plant is fully covered with the bloom during the summer season. The beauty of the plant is its flower bloom cycle the flower opens up white then changes to pink and matures red, showing the mix of colours always and giving a grandeur look.

Garlic vine:


Garlic vine a beautiful lavender color flowering plant.

Garlic vine is a beautiful flowering plant that produces lavender coloured vibrant blooms, this plant is from trumpet creeper family and is also known as false garlic vine because the leaves have garlic flavour and odour. The plant can scale up to a height of 15 feet and has numerous woody vines from the base.





Bougainvillea is the best vine for household decoration and comes in many variety of colors. This plant can climb heights up to 25-30 feet and can thrive in the hottest of the hottest climate, this plant needs full sun. Though this plant has flowers all through the year but it shows of the real colour during the summer when there is no leaves but only the flowers on the plant. If 7 colours are clubbed and grown together then you will never have to wait for a rainbow as you will always find it in your backyard.


Ipomoea or the morning glory plant suitable as a climber

Ipomoea more commonly known by the name morning glory is a spectacular vine which grows in a jiffy with no mess. You have various color options to choose from and can withstand any climatic conditions. This plant does well on fences, grills, pergola etc. The flowers bloom in the morning and are done by afternoon.

Cypress vine:

Cypress vine for ornamental decoration

Cypress vine has very thin and hairy leaves that makes the plant look delicate, but one should not get deceived by the looks because once the plant starts growing then there is no looking back. This plant can cling to almost all every thing. If you have an intention to invite butterflies into your garden then never miss this plant.


Mandevilla climber plant for ornamental decoration

Mandevilla produces rich coloured flowers in white, pink, red etc. This plant has blooms constantly and is a good choice for trellis, basically Mandevilla needs good amount of sun to produce bright flowers but extreme heat is not advisable for the plant.

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